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Refer a Camper

We’ve noticed a trend – when a prospective parent calls us to learn more about Camp, there’s a very good chance it’s because a camp parent recommended us to them. It’s clear to us that YOU, our camp families, are our best recruiters and biggest cheerleaders! A million ads in Jewish papers around the globe doesn’t make half the impact that a single chat with a camp parent or alumnus does. Newcomers to camp need to hear from those who know first-hand, from people who have experienced CYJ as a great place for campers and their families.

With that in mind, we’ve put aside some of our marketing budget to spend on you! We would like to offer you $200 off of your children’s camp tuition for every new camper you refer to CYJ.



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A couple guidelines:
–New camper recruits must be from families who are NEW to camp to meet the criteria for the $200 discount, (meaning NONE of the children in the family have previously registered for CYJ)
–Second, the new camper must attend camp this summer—cancelled applicants don’t apply.

So be loud and proud, CYJ family! Tell them why you think Camp is an amazing place. Tell them how your kids talk about the summer when they come home and how they anticipate camp months later. OR, send your friends to talk to us—there’s nothing we love more than talking about CYJ, our favorite place in the world!