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Staff Benefits

The Best Summer Jobs & Benefits

What You Get

Yes, you’ll have something to put on a resume, and yes, you’ll walk away with a competitive salary. You’ll have incredible fun, you’ll be outdoors, and you’ll make some nice connections. But what else do you get when you work for CYJ? You get a lot. Great summer jobs like this don’t come along every day.

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  • Housing and Meals – You don’t have to pay for a thing! All our staff live on-site and get three meals a day, plus snacks. In the outside world, these items can really add up – at camp, you’ll save money and keep your whole paycheck!
  • Staff Lounge – A staff-only zone with couches, air conditioning, and entertainment systems. (Also, the place for some late-night milkshakes, pizza, fries, and more!)
  • Staff Fun – We know that happy staff means happy camp, and we want you to get everything you can out of the summer just like the campers! That’s why we plan staff recreation and programs throughout the season for you to enjoy!
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  • Laundry – We have laundry facilities at camp with multiple machines for washing and drying, so you can keep your clothes clean all summer long.
  • Work Space & Internet – Internet access is available to all staff members. There are facilities spread around camp with computers, internet, and printers
  • Certifications – Some staff will receive certifications from the American Red Cross and other accreditation organizations, such as CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguarding. These certifications are paid for by camp as a part of your summer role but are totally useful for other endeavors you might pursue after the summer.
  • Free Training – Our staff-training program teaches skills that are valuable for your future and provides meaningful experiences to build your résumé.
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We Invest in your Professional Development

CYJ is a BIG operation with a lot of moving parts. This can be a little challenging, but it also means you’re bound to find work in areas you’re interested in. Taking a role as a specialist or designing an internship with the head staff are two great ways to broaden your experience in a field of your choice.

There are also great opportunities for advancement within the organization, which means you could be getting priceless supervisory experience while still in college. (And, of course, with all the creative opportunities at camp, you can always step up in less official capacities to contribute your special gifts.)

Essential Skills

If you do some research on what types of skills hiring managers and business leaders are most interested in, you’ll find a few traits repeated consistently. These traits are:

  • Communication, Teamwork, and Collaboration
  • Problem-solving and Adaptability
  • Public Speaking
  • Group and Behavior Management
  • Decision Making
  • Creative Thinking
  • Leadership and Confidence
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Great Summer Jobs Near You

What’s incredible about this is that these are exactly the types of abilities that camp work nurtures. Leading activities, looking after kids, and programming with your coworkers sharpen all of these skills (putting you ahead of anyone with a basic office job). A CYJ summer gets you ready for a future with employers in any field!

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