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Opening Day

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On Opening Day each session, we get hundreds of campers checked in, checked for lice and temperature, and introduced to their counselors and bunkmates in just a few hours time. It sounds like a lot to do, but it gives us all afternoon to get settled and start the fun of getting to know camp and each other.

For all campers bring dropped off by car we have a specific arrival window, and we ask that all campers be dropped off during this time. For our campers flying in from out of state, we will have an airport shuttle to pick them up and bring them to camp on Opening Day. Please schedule any flights TO camp on Opening Day to arrive between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm at Austin Bergstrom International Airport. If that is not possible, please coordinate with us BEFORE you book your flights. Read more about traveling to camp by plane.

When you drive through the CYJ gates, you’ll begin the drive-through check-in process. You’ll make your first stop at the lice checks, where all campers’ heads will be checked for lice, and they will get their temperature taken. After passing the lice check and temperature screening, you will move on to the camper drop-off and luggage unloading zone. This is also where you can drop off your camper’s medicine and meet the medical team if necessary. Staff will be there to help move your luggage.

Remember that our Nitzanim and Mini Mensch campers will have different dates for drop off and/or pick up. Click here to check the dates of your child’s introductory camper experience!

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Lice Checks

We think of ourselves as inclusive, but in all honesty, there are some campers we just don’t want …we’re looking at you, lice!

CYJ has continued to partner with Lice Clinics of Texas to keep the same trusted head lice screening services you have grown accustomed to. This year, we recommend that you visit one of the participating lice clinics in the week before opening day to have your camper checked BEFORE arriving at camp. This pre-screening is $25/camper and will allow your child to SKIP THE LICE CHECK line when you get here. However, if you are unable to do a pre-camp check, LCT screeners will be onsite to perform checks.

LCT still finalizing Pre-Camp Check locations, but will have participating clinics in Houston, The Woodlands, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, College Station, Tyler and Lufkin. We will send the approved list of clinics a few weeks before the start of summer. Please keep in mind only these clinics will be approved for lice checks.

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See what closing day is like at CYJ

Closing Day