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CYJ Board

Thanks to the steadfast support and creativity of our dedicated volunteer leadership, Camp Young Judaea-Texas continues to thrive under the guidance of the following people:


  • Mark Estes – President (Houston, TX)
  • Mark Berins – Vice President – Facilities (Houston, TX)
  • Adam Goldman – Vice President – Development (Houston, TX)
  • Mike Fisherman – Secretary (Houston, TX)
  • Wendy Cohen – Treasurer (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Lisa Hartman – Vice President – Strategic Program (Denver, CO)
  • Mollye Finkelstein – Member-at-Large (Dallas, TX)
  • Cheryl Drazin – Past President (Dallas, TX)


  • Abby Ackerman (Houston, TX)
  • Amy Bossin (Houston, TX) - Scholarship Chair
  • Dan Feldman (Dallas, TX)
  • Arturo Karakowsky (Houston, TX)
  • Erika Kaufman (Houston, TX)
  • Dan Lavin (Houston, TX)
  • Jeanne Lipson (El Paso, TX)
  • Cindy Meador (Houston, TX)
  • Jason Methner (San Diego, CA)
  • Josh Samet (Houston, TX)
  • Sarah Shapiro (Austin, TX) - Bingo Chair
  • Frank Silberlicht (Houston, TX)- Executive Director
  • Andrew Spector (Houston, TX)
  • Talia Traub (Austin, TX)
  • Daphna Yoffe (Dallas, TX)


  • Mike Abkowitz (Austin, TX)
  • Reuben Bar Yadin (San Antonio, TX)
  • Sarah Braham (Houston, TX)
  • Steven Finkelman (Houston, TX)
  • Joseph Kornfeld (Houston, TX)
  • Jonah Paransky (Houston, TX)
  • Sonia Raizes (Houston, TX)
  • Ann Ronn (Houston, TX)
  • Jason Schwartz (Dallas, TX)
  • Mark Gottesman (Houston, TX)
  • Albert Hiller (Houston, TX)
  • Aaron Hiller (Washington, DC)
  • Alex Wolchansky (Houston, TX)
  • Stuart Wallock (Austin, TX)
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Join the Board

Like any voluntary organization, CYJ-Texas depends on a committed Board of Directors to serve as partners with our dedicated professional staff. A high-quality Board means greater success in all Camp’s pursuits, so come share your talents and make Camp better for everyone!

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If you have any questions about joining our Board, contact our president, Mark Estes.

Email Mark

Our board members are asked to:

  • Understand and define the mission, purpose, and goals of CYJ‐Texas.
  • Engage in planning and policy‐setting to ensure that Camp’s mission and goals are realized.
  • Attend semi-annual Board meetings, usually held at Camp.
  • Act as an ambassador in your community, championing the value of Jewish camps and elevating the name of CYJ-Texas.
  • Attend CYJ‐Texas rallies, parlor meetings, and other programs whenever possible and convenient.
  • Support the Camp Director and work with the Board to assess his performance.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and assume fiduciary responsibility for CYJ‐Texas.
  • Identify like‐minded people who care about Israel and the Jewish future, and invite them to support CYJ financially, lend their expertise, or serve on CYJ-Texas’ Board.