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A Day at Camp

Summer Camp Daily Schedule

We offer a wide variety of activities for campers to explore their passions and gain new skills throughout the summer. Our morning chuggim feature more specialized programming for campers to delve deep into activities, while our afternoon peulot are designed to cater to a wide array of abilities and offer campers the opportunity to try every area of camp at least once a session.

Here’s a breakdown of a typical day at sleepaway camp, Sunday-Thursday!

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7:00 AM Hashkama (Wake up!)

Every morning our campers are greeted by our director Frank over the ram kol (intercom) with the “Wakey Wakey” show.

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7:30 AM Mifkad Boker (Flag Raising)

As a camp community, we raise the flags, sing our national anthem, and get a short lesson in Hebrew from our Israeli Scouts.

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7:45 AM Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)

Campers sit with their bunks and enjoy a warm, hearty breakfast. Main course could be pancakes, french toast, waffles, or bagels. There’s also daily options of scrambled eggs, cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit, and more.

8:30 AM T’fillot (Prayers)

Most mornings the camp splits into aidot (age groups) for morning prayers and Jewish learning. Twice a week we bring the whole camp together for t’fillot.

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9:15 AM Morning Chuggim (Electives)

Campers enjoy 3 activities of their choosing, such as archery, arts and crafts, Newstube, or Premier League sports tournament.

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12:15 PM Nikayon (Bunk Cleaning)

Every day, campers are tasked with cleaning their cabins. They complete different chores each day according to their bunk’s chore chart, in addition to making their beds.

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1:00 PM Aruchat Tzohorayim (Lunch)

Often a meat meal, expect hamburgers, chicken fajitas, shnitzel, meatballs and more, (vegetarian options always available!) Need even more variety!?! We got you covered, besides the main meal, each lunch we offer Soy Butter & Jelly (almost the same as a PB&J), pasta, and our salad bar.

1:45 PM Menucha (Rest Time)

Campers go back to the cabin and refuel so that they can be just as energized for the rest of the day. Campers use this time to nap, read a book, play cards with friends, and write letters home of course!

3:00 PM Peulot Alef-Gimmel (Afternoon Activities)

Campers participate in 3 activities every afternoon with their aidah (age group), sampling everything camp has to offer. This includes ropes course, sports, arts, Israel education, and more! One hour each day, for every camper, is dedicated to either our pool or lake to escape the mid-afternoon Texas heat.

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5:30 PM Chofesh (Free Time)

Campers use this semi-structured period to spend time around camp with their friends, play games, or climb up the CYJ Hill (with staff supervision nearby).

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6:45 PM Mifkad Erev (Flag Lowering)

Just like how we start the day, we end the day with our CYJ Community! At Mifkad Erev we hear messages or cheers from each aidah about their day, lower the flags, sing Hatikvah, and head to dinner!

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7:00 PM Aruchat Erev (Dinner)

Common dinners include baked ziti, specialty pizza, pasta with alfredo sauce, and grilled cheese with tomato soup. Just like lunch, there are always staples nearby, like tuna salad, plain pasta, Soy Butter and Jelly, and our critically acclaimed salad bar.

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8:00 PM Peulat Erev (Evening Activities)

Each aidah participates in a fun night activity, such as a campfire, pool party, dance, Minute to Win It games, and glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag.

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8:45 PM Peulah Laila Tov (Bunk time)

Time to wrap up the day. Campers return to their bunks to shower and get ready for bed. As a bunk, they do one last activity together. Usually, bunks will take this time to reflect on the day together and say the Shema before lights out. Sometimes, there’s a fun surprise to end the day!

9:00 1st Laila Tov
(Good Night)

Ofarim, Chalutzim, Tsofim, and Maginim—good night! Our nighttime guard duty, shmira, begins for these bunks.

9:30 2nd Laila Tov Kesher, Bogrim, and Segel
(Good Night)

Shmira begins for these bunks.

9:45 PM-7:00 AM Zman Chalom (Dream Time)

A special time for campers to meet talking deer, eat unlimited desserts, or soar through the clouds…

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Our time at camp is so magical, we actually live in a different time zone!

Camp clocks are set to Mountain Time, an hour behind Central Standard Time. (So when you see 7:00 AM wake up, that means 8:00 AM at home!)