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Letter from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As the long-time Executive Director of Camp Young Judaea-Texas, I’d like to welcome you to the CYJ family.

And a family is what we are. Since 1952, CYJ has created not only a fun and exciting Jewish camp community, but one in which kids can explore, challenge themselves, and grow as individuals. From the numerous opportunities for campers to choose their own activities to the experiences of communal living in a shared space, camp is a magical place for kids to gain valuable independence, life skills, and to learn about themselves.

Our community is built on a diversity of abilities, backgrounds, and denominations, creating endless opportunities for discovery of Jewish identity and connection to Israel. This entire process takes place under the leadership and supervision of our experienced, passionate, and just amazing staff.

Who knew transformational experiences could occur in just three weeks?

Thousands of alumni have begun their Jewish journey with us. So jump on board because we’re saving you a spot. Join us at the best Jewish Summer Camp!


Frank Silberlicht
CYJ Texas Executive Director