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Summer Contact

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Hand-written letters are for sure our favorite form of camp communication. Campers feel SO special when they receive letters from their friends and family because they can see how much effort you’re making just to say hi.

CYJ Texas Mailing Address:

Camper’s Full Name
Aidah/Cabin Number
Camp Young Judaea
121 Camp Young Judaea Drive
Woodcreek, TX 78676

You will receive an email on Opening Day with your camper’s Aidah and Cabin Number to use in addressing letters.

Keep in mind that, while some moms and dads write letters before their children even leave (guaranteeing a nice note early in the summer season!), kids tend to be less reliable in their correspondence. You will not know your child’s cabin number prior to them leaving for camp so for those first letters we ask that you just put down your child’s aidah (age group).

Our campers write letters at least twice a week on Letter Days, but they’re allowed to write to whomever they wish and we don’t track whether or not they respond to the notes they’ve received. To encourage your campers to write back, we encourage packing pre-addressed/stamped envelopes for them. (This could also help your kids write to other family members, like grandparents or siblings.)

Please note: Campers do not receive mail or emails from Friday afternoon through Saturday in observance of Shabbat. Mail arriving during Shabbat will be delivered to campers on Sunday.

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E-mail Letters

For those of you that want a quicker turnaround than regular mail, we have our CampInTouch email system.

Using your CampInTouch account, you can send an email to your camper. We will print those emails each morning and deliver them to the campers at lunch each day. You can request to have your camper respond to your email, which will come in the form of a scanned attachment to your e-mail inbox. Through this online system, you can easily access and purchase summer camp stamps in order to e-mail your camper. Please note: This system is optional, and does cost money.

How do I use CampInTouch to send an email to my camper & receive responses?

  • Sign into MY CYJ ACCOUNT by visiting My CYJ Account.
  • Scroll down to “YOUR ACCOUNT” and purchase Camp Stamps. You can use them yourself or send them to other users in your family.
  • Scroll down to “ONLINE COMMUNITY” and select “Email”. Type your message and click “Send”. Our system uses simple text, nothing fancy and no special formatting.

For an e-letter response from your camper, you have 2 options:

  1. You can pre-print stationary from your CampInTouch account before your child leaves for Camp. With this option, you will not be charged for the response letter until the response is sent back to you.

  2. When you write an email to your camper during the camp session, you can select “I would like a handwritten reply to this email.” This will send your email with a barcode page attached to your camper’s response note. If you plan to use CampInTouch’s email system, be sure to explain this process to your camper before they leave so they’ll be sure to fill out their response letters. Please try not to send more than one letter per day. Your child will be having a blast at camp and might not have time to send back multiple letters at once.

We scan your campers’ responses and they go directly to your inbox in CampInTouch. You will receive an email notification when you have mail.

Can other relatives use these services? Certainly! Once you have set up your account, you will be able to invite other people to access these services. You can even share the camp stamps you purchase with your favorite relatives.

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Social Media

Over the summer, our Instagram and Facebook pages will remain active, maybe even more active than during the year! Expect the Daily Dashboard, which includes our programming and meals, to be posted to our Facebook page and our Instagram stories everyday around noon. You can also expect birthday posts and exciting highlights from the day. Starting this year, each aidah will take over our Instagram page for one day; this will be announced via micropost on Campanion the day before, so make sure to keep checking in. Our social media pages are one way streets - great contact goes out but messages do not come in. If you have questions, or want to compliment us, please email or call directly.