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Travel to and from Camp

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All campers being dropped off by car on Opening Day should arrive within our specified arrival window. Please refer to the transportation document in your CampInTouch forms for the specific times. We encourage any first year families to drop their campers off on Opening Day. We look forward to welcoming you to camp!

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On Opening Day, we offer buses from Houston and Dallas for campers arriving to camp on the first day of each session. Note: Taking the bus is optional and will incur a $55 one time fee.

On closing day, we will send every child home on a bus. Buses will drop off in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and the San Antonio and Austin airport for those campers flying home. Note: Bus transportation on Closing Day will be included at no extra cost to you.

Taking the bus home saves parents from taking the day off of work for pickup. At camp, our staff will ensure that campers have all of their belongings loaded on the bus. We will have staff on the bus home with the kids, and we will pack snacks, drinks, and movies to keep everyone happy for the ride home.

Nitzanim and Mini Mensch campers will be picked up and dropped off when their program starts or ends mid-session. Find the dates of your child’s introductory camp program here.

Safety for our campers and staff is our top priority when riding home on the bus. Our staff are trained on proper safety procedures and protocols that are outlined below.

Vehicle safety information & bus rules

  • All campers must always remain seated while the bus is moving
  • No campers are allowed to leave the bus before arriving at the destination
  • Only CYJ staff members will designate when campers can leave the bus and depart the drop-off location with a parent/guardian
  • Each vehicle can only hold the number of passengers established by the vehicle manufacturer
  • All passengers must wear a seatbelt/restraint device when present in the vehicle
  • A CYJ staff member must always be present in the vehicle when campers are inside
  • Campers are only permitted to travel in vehicles designed to carry passengers

Want to get the whole travel picture? Read up on Opening Day too.

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Travel to camp

While most of our campers are from Texas or within driving distance, we do have lots of campers that will be flying to and from camp. We will help coordinate the arrivals and departures of your children. Please try to schedule any flights TO camp on Opening Day to arrive between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM at Austin Bergstrom Airport. If that is not possible, please coordinate with us BEFORE you book your flights.

Travel Home from Camp by Plane

Our staff will bring all campers who are flying home to the airport at least an hour before their flight on Closing Day. We ask that all flights home depart from Austin Bergstrom Airport between 11 am and 2 pm. For flights outside of this timeframe, please coordinate with us BEFORE you book your flights.

Some general flight FAQ:

  • If possible, please try to make your flights from Austin Bergstrom International Airport. This allows us to best coordinate drop offs. If San Antonio Airport is your best option, we can make that work. We ask that flights from San Antonio depart between 10am and 3pm.
  • Our staff will take the campers through security and wait until the plane leaves the tarmac. We will also confirm with you when your camper’s flight departs from the airport.
  • Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the airline’s unaccompanied minor policies. We ask that you pay the unaccompanied minor fees ahead of time to make your child’s travel as easy as possible.
  • It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you fill out your transportation form with all of the flight information including the flight’s confirmation number. If your travel plans change for any reason, please let us know.
  • If your campers do not want to carry luggage for their flights, you are welcome to ship luggage home. You must make arrangements for your child’s luggage to be shipped from camp by sending a PDF of a luggage label from UPS or Fed Ex. Email these PDFs to info@cyjtexas.org.
  • There will be an airport bus taking campers to the airport on closing day for no additional cost.