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Summer Staff

Summer Camp Counselor Jobs

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Summer jobs are nice… a little cash, a line on your resume, a way to fill up the day…

Camp jobs… are something else entirely.

Where else do you get paid to shout and dance and run and play outdoors? Where else can you expect the staples of an unforgettable summer—campfires, lake swimming, and endless starry nights—all in the same place? Is there an office job somewhere where you get messy and artsy?

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Any job gives you work; we offer the chance to change a child’s life.

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Any job can fill out a resume; Camp fills out your character.

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Any job offers coworkers; Camp offers new family.

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Work at Camp

So if you’re goofy and caring, if you’re adventurous and strong, if you’ve got a wide-open mind and a playful spirit, why not give CYJ a try? Take care of kids, take care of yourself, and dive into a summer that will change your life forever!

CYJ attracts the best and the brightest! Our staff are all highly motivated, passionate, intelligent individuals who take pride in the work that they do. It should come as no surprise that our staff are sought out and have many opportunities to choose from each summer when it comes to work experiences, internships, study abroad programs, volunteer work, and more. However, summer after summer, CYJ is the place these talented individuals choose to call home. We’ve compiled a list of 10 outstanding reasons that illustrate how working at camp is as beneficial to your future as any other summer job out there!

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