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Closing Day

On closing day,we will send every child home on a bus*. Buses will drop off in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and the San Antonio and Austin airport for those campers flying home. Bus transportation will be included at no extra cost to you. Taking the bus home saves parents from taking the day off of work for pickup. At camp, our staff will ensure that campers have all of their belongings loaded on the bus. We will have staff on the bus home with the kids, and we will pack snacks, drinks, and movies to keep everyone happy for the ride home.

*With the exception of our Nitzanim and Mini Mensch campers, who will be picked up when their program ends mid-session. Find the dates of your child’s introductory camp program on our Dates & Rates page.

We will email parents when the buses leave camp and offer approximate arrival times.

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Opening Day