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Health Center

When you have hundreds of campers and staff with hundreds of bodies, someone is going to feel under the weather at some point. That’s why CYJ has invested in a Health Center that can address 99% of all camper and staff concerns. Our dedicated medical professionals are great with kids and remain available around the clock. The infirmary is supplied with modern diagnostic tools, such as rapid strep kits and community physician-directed protocols; these often allow us to evaluate and treat kids without having to leave camp. For emergencies or illnesses which call for additional medical attention, campers are taken to the local doctor or Emergency Room.

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Our full-time Medical Care team consists of, at least, 2 registered nurses and 2 medical assistants who live on-site, along with doctors who visit throughout the session. Our health team will administer all medications and treat all minor injuries and illnesses.

All Merakzim (unit heads) and lifeguards are trained in basic first aid, CPR, and AED before the campers arrive. We also have established relationships with local doctors and care centers who can provide us with additional assistance if needed.

Medical Communication

Even with all of the activity, programming, and athletics, the vast majority of our Health Center visits are for minor issues. With that in mind, you’ll understand why the medical staff is not in the habit of communicating every scrape and splinter a camper comes in with. You’ll be contacted by the Camp Nurse regarding your child’s health if:

  • The camper sleeps in the Health Center overnight
  • The camper is a frequent visitor to the Health Center (more than 2 visits about the same issue)
  • The camper requires appointments with services or physicians outside of camp
  • The camper requires a new prescription
  • The camper requires transportation off site for emergency treatment and/or medical evaluation due to injury
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For safety reasons, most medicines are forbidden in the bunks and are turned over to the medical staff. The exceptions are campers who need EpiPens and inhalers. Campers should keep these with them and parents should discuss their needs with the Camp Nurse.

The medical staff distributes all other prescriptions throughout the day. At mealtimes, kids can meet our nurse in the dining hall to receive their medication. Both the nurse and counselors know when campers should be taking their medicine and they work together to guarantee all medications are appropriately distributed.

For treatments taken before bedtime, a member of the medical staff will find campers individually and deliver their prescription every night.

All Medication must be in pill form if possible (Both Prescription and Over-the-Counter): We will not administer gummy medications. If your camper currently takes gummies, please find a chewable or swallowable pill option. Additionally, please do not send liquid medications if there is another option (i.e., chewable) for your camper.

Medications MUST be sent in their original bottle, whether prescription or not.

Any prescriptions need to be sent to camp in their original pill bottle, with the original prescription from the pharmacy printed on them. If the instructions on the bottle are NOT how the camper takes the medication (i.e., the pill bottle says take one pill, but Moshe takes 2), we will be unable to administer it.

Any OTC medications taken daily or regularly (Zyrtec, melatonin) must be sent in the original pill bottle.

Special Note: For safety reasons, our medical staff will not administer allergy shots. We are able to give growth hormone injections. Please note Segel campers cannot bring growth hormone shots on the trip.

Please do not send Tylenol, Advil, Zyrtec if your camper doesn’t take it with some regularity (i.e. - 3x/week or more). We have these at camp and will administer as needed, provided you give us permission when filling out the camp health forms!

“As Needed” Medications: Make sure this is noted on the bottle and in your camper’s medical forms. Talk with your camper before camp about seeing the medical staff if they need this medication.

Melatonin: Because of how bedtime medications at camp work, it is sometimes difficult for a camper to choose whether or not they need melatonin on a nightly basis. We recommend you make a plan with your camper ahead of time as to whether they will take the melatonin at camp or not. We find that some campers who need it at home are more active while at camp and are able to fall asleep more easily than at home, but some campers prefer to continue to use it regularly for consistency.

All non-prescription creams can be kept with the camper in the bunk, provided you feel they are responsible enough to apply creams themselves and not share. If not, we will keep it in the health center and can give it to the camper upon request.

General EpiPens and inhalers are typically kept in the health center and with our emergency medication kit at all times. This is so that the medical staff can closely monitor any situations where they may be needed and escalate care accordingly.

Special note on ADD/ADHD Medicines:

If your child has ADD/ADHD, it is important to discuss with your physician the administration of medications during the summer. While school is out, the unique environment of Camp is still a learning experience. Camp emphasizes experiential learning and builds social skills. For the sake of this growth and for safety reasons, campers still need attention and vigilance while at camp. Please discuss your child’s summer plans with his/her physician. Many parents find that with medication, their child is better able to cope with camp and have a successful summer.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our medical staff with individual medication questions:

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Medical Fees

Charges for physician’s services, emergency room fees, and all medications will be billed directly to the camper’s parents or their health insurance carrier for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses that may occur. Every camper must be covered by a health insurance policy while at camp. Please be sure to complete the “Medical Authorization” form online to provide us with your insurance information.

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Waiver, Indemnification, and Medical Treatment

Our lawyers made us write this.

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