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Tuition Assistance Guidelines

The more places you apply for Tuition Assistance, the more money you can receive.  Even small amounts add up to a lot of help if you apply to multiple sources. Additionally, the CYJ Scholarship Committee takes into account whether an applicant has exhausted his/her resources by applying to ALL available sources when deciding how much CYJ scholarship money to award a family.

Scholarship deadlines are critical. Late applications may be denied or may note be granted if funds have already been distributed to other families.

Scholarship is a partnership. We provide a high-quality product, and we expect parents to pay as much tuition as they can afford without going into debt.

By request, we can reduce your monthly tuition payments to $150 per child through April. However, we encourage you to pay more, so you’re not saddled with a sizable balance due May 15.

If you’re offered more money in Tuition Assistance than you owe, we will refund you up to the amount you’ve paid out of pocket. Tuition Assistance is not limited to your unpaid balance.

The most important piece of any Tuition Assistance application is the narrative that you write.  There is often more to the request for scholarship than the numbers show.  Committees of people spend significant time considering the entire application, but it is usually not until the narrative is read that the committee fully understands why camp is important to you and your child and the financial obstacles you face – which are the largest factors influencing scholarship allocation decisions.



What do I do first?

Step 1: Register your child for camp. We can’t consider your application for a scholarship until we have ensured that there is actually space for your child in the desired section and session. On the application, be sure to check “Yes” if you’re planning on applying for scholarships— that way, we’ll know to contact you with a Scholarship Application as soon as you’re registered.

Step 2: Determine what your family can afford to pay for camp. Typical scholarship applications ask that you indicate a certain dollar amount that you can contribute. Calculate a figure you consider manageable and how much assistance you will need.

Step 3: Gather your tax forms and financial information.  Most organization require tax information for their scholarship forms, so finish your taxes early.

Step 4:  There are many organizations with funds to give, but none of them can do it alone.  Apply to as many as you can, as early as you can.  Many scholarships are first come, first served and have limited funds.

Step 5: Read our CYJ Tuition Assistance Guide.  It contains all of the information you need to get started, plus information by city of aid resources that includes contact names, websites for applications, and deadlines.