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9th Grade Program

Perhaps CYJ’s most thrilling offer of all, 9th grade campers get to go on our incredible trip program: Segel!!

After spending the first week at Camp, our teens take off on a bus tour across the Southwest! They learn about leadership, teamwork, and finding themselves, all while having the time of their lives and forming unforgettable friendships.

What’s the program like?

girls-bball-courtDuring our Segel campers’ first week, they participate in camp projects, lead camp programs, and create special projects to leave their mark on CYJ. Of particular note is Erev Kef, an all-camp fair planned and led by our incoming freshmen. With a real programming budget, this is a great opportunity for the Segel kids to show their creativity and show the camp a fun night!

After they spend their first week at camp, the Segel campers load up the bus and head out west! They travel with the same bus and bus driver throughout the trip, along with a logistics company staff who takes care of equipment, food, and booking.

Outside of leadership development activities, group bonding, and sightseeing, the Segel trip will be packed with adventure activities. These include: rafting, rappelling, camping, hiking, biking, touring, swimming, boating, climbing, and tubing!

Where do they stay?

Although they’ll occasionally stay in hotels, Segel campers will spend most nights camping outdoors. They’ll learn and practice the finer points of pitching tents before they leave to ensure they know how to work all of the equipment. Campers may feel hesitant about camping outside, but once they get on the trip, it becomes second nature and is a very special an unique experience that they really enjoy.


What’s the food like?

Most Segel participants really like the food on the trip! The fact that they take part in helping cook and prepare the meals can make them even more enjoyable than dining at Camp.

Who’s on the trip?

There will be 1 unit head, 2 trip directors, 1 logistical staff member, and 4-5 counselors. We expect from 30-40 campers each session.

Is there emergency planning?

Of course, as always, health and safety are our number one priority, so there are of course emergency procedures in place just in case. Staff members on the trip have a list of hospitals in the area at all times. The also communicate with the head staff in Wimberley every day and carry cell phones with them everywhere they go.

What’s the bus like?

Campers will be riding on a 55 passenger charter bus. The bus will have bathrooms and a video player, and will be driven by the same bus driver who has joined Segel for the last 16 summers!


Learn even more about the program by reviewing the 2021 Segel Flyer, which includes all the details including the itinerary.