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By Shira Babajanov

After so many memorable years at CYJ Texas, I couldn’t have imagined my life without Young Judaea, so decided to run for a national Mazkirut position (YJ National Leadership). My journey into my role as the national Mazkirut Chavurah Programmer for YJ’s 2024-2025 school year has been an incredible one. It all began with a conversation with the current Chavurah, who saw something in me and urged me to consider running for a national leadership position. Her belief in me was a turning point, and I felt ready to take on the challenge.

In the months leading up to this past year’s National Convention, I worked closely with the current Mazkirut to plan various aspects of the convention. It was a hands-on experience that showcased my dedication and gave me valuable insights into the workings of YJ at a national level.

At the convention itself, I continued to prove my commitment by assisting the Mazkirut in any way I could. And when the time came, I was honored to be elected as the national Chavurah Programmer. It was a moment of validation, affirming that I was on the right path and ready to make a difference. Some of my primary responsibilities as the YJ National Chavurah Programmer include planning the YJ National convention, helping to run Asepha (the National YJ election process), and reaching out to teens all over our movement.

As I step into my new role, I’m excited about the opportunities ahead. My goals in this role include getting 8th graders interested in YJ early on, educating teens about year-round YJ, and revitalizing the YJ Texas region as it pertains to year-round programming. It’s a chance for me to channel my enthusiasm and dedication into meaningful action, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!