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For over 70 years, Camp Young Judaea has been committed to instilling a strong Jewish identity and connection to Israel. We are pleased to report that the future is bright. Thanks to the Braun Israel Educator Grant (in memory of longtime Houstonian Gaby Braun), last summer CYJ hired Shoval Rozenberg, a top-level Israel educator previously serving as a year-round Shlicha (Israeli Emissary) in Toronto. As a bonus, Shoval’s husband Eliad joined the camp as the Specialty Areas Director, spreading her impact even further. Shoval’s creative and fun-filled programs and activities enabled campers to learn about and “experience” exciting aspects of life in Israel.

Once again for this coming 2024 camp summer, with the support of the Braun Israel Educator fund, we have hired two Israeli educators, Oded Wilson and Sigalit Freeman. Sigalit is a past Shlicha (Israeli Emissary) to Young Judaea and Oded, a teacher at Levine Academy in Dallas, is returning for his second year of working at CYJ. They are planning new, exciting and extraordinary Israel experiential programs for this summer.

Camp Young Judaea has a mission to build strong Jews and create a love for Israel. We want our campers to enjoy unconditional love for Israel while not shying away from reality. CYJ continues to be pro-Israel, like it has been during the past 71 summers and every summer in the future - unabashedly supportive of Israel, our Jewish homeland. Our staff are very carefully selected to ensure they share these values. Our Camp families entrust us to help strengthen their children’s Jewish identity and create and enhance our campers’ knowledge of and love for Israel. Our Israel educators are selected for their expertise in working in a camp environment and their commitment to helping fulfill our purpose.

October 7th and its aftermath have created some of the greatest challenges for the Jewish people in our lifetime. Education and relationships with Israelis are now even more vital for our peoplehood.

Thanks to the help of the Braun Israel Educator Grant, we are confident that we will be prepared to meet these challenges head-on. Gaby would have been proud of this work, and he would have been so enthusiastic about helping Camp Young Judaea fulfill its commitment to Israel education in a fun-filled and joyous environment…. today, tomorrow, and beyond.