On Sunday, sadly, we marked 100 days of captivity for the hostages held in Gaza. We wore 100-day stickers and had a small ceremony for the 65 people who attended Camp the Night Away in Wimberley. What I did not say at the ceremony is how perplexed and disappointed I am that, in 2024, we live in a world where it is ok to hold hostages. I would expect the world to come together in support and help in the return of hostages. In November, Yemen’s Houthi rebels hijacked a ship in the Red Sea and took 25 crew members hostage. Where were special forces? Why has the world not stopped this? It should make sense that by allowing the taking of hostages and not doing anything, we are normalizing this act and making it likely to happen again.

I am tired of hearing the world push Israel into a ceasefire. Why do we not hear loud and clear, “Hamas give up the hostages”? That would end the war immediately and save Palestinian and Israeli lives.

At CYJ, we teach our campers that they need to help make the world a better place. If they see something wrong, they have the power to do something. Judaeans, I call on you to use that superpower to bring them home NOW!