I recently attended the 75th Anniversary celebration of Camp Tel Yehudah. It was a fun and nostalgic experience seeing people I hadn’t seen in nearly three decades. During the event, I had a memorable encounter with someone about ten years younger than me. He approached me to chat and reminded me of something I said almost 30 years ago that had a profound impact on him. I couldn’t recall what I said, but he shared the story with me.

As a young staff member, he had threatened to quit if I didn’t do something he wanted. I was the Assistant Director of TY at the time, and I responded by telling him to think carefully about the ultimatum he was giving me. I advised him to be prepared for any decision I made and to ensure he could live with the outcome. I was surprised that my words stuck with him for so long, but he said that he remembered them to this day.

I’m happy to report that he did come back to talk to me and requested a change, providing compelling reasons for his request. I’m not sure what happened after that, but he stayed with his job and still supports Tel Yehudah today. This experience reminded me that our words and actions can have a significant impact on others, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have positively influenced someone’s life. Camp changes lives, and I’m proud of our impact on campers and staff.

Now it’s time for apples and some honey. Wishing you a sweet, healthy, and happy New Year. Shana Tova.