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A good friend and I recently talked about how it’s inevitable that our kids will leave the house and build a life, and it’s our job as parents to prepare them for this independence. He said, just like that Israeli song Uf and I said, Yes, Uf Gozal. Proud of myself for actually knowing it. Translated, this is “Fly Away Young Chick.” I felt the meaning of the song was knowing and dreading that one day your baby bird will leave the nest and there are dangers, like eagles, out there. One day my kids will be off our payroll, and if we did our job well, they are prepared to be independent and productive members of the community. I had help to get us there, and it’s called CYJ. Independence is actually a skill set taught at Camp. Campers don’t look back to see if their parents are watching them in sports, they make their bed and clean up the cabin without being told a dozen times, and they work out their problems without calling “Mom!” So, when you pick up your kids after their summer at CYJ, try and lean into this independence because one day, they will fly away.

Chag Pesach Sameach,

Frank “the Tank” Silberlicht