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My answer, in short, is NO. CYJ has to be more than fun. I am excited to share a small change that will be BIG for our campers and staff. This year, CYJ is running the Segel trip in-house instead of hiring an outside trip vendor as we have in the past. We can take what would have been their profit and invest it back into the trip. How can we make a better experience?

A good first step is to hire an incredible Trip Director. I am very happy to share that Joe Weinstein-Sears, our former Head of Arts and Crafts and summer Program Director—and now the Head of Upper School at The Emery/Weiner School (in the interest of full disclosure, two of my kids happily attend the school)—is our Trip Director. We had our second meeting this week, and it started with more questions. What are our goals and values? One of our seven guiding questions was, “Why is challenge such an important part of growth, and how can I appropriately challenge myself?” We also talked about the skills Segel campers will gain on the trip, like learning to “leave no trace” and building campfires.

We discussed adding horseback riding, a train trip, and other changes to improve the itinerary. Yes, most people thought you could not make Segel any better. We can!

We adjusted our clocks to Daylight Savings Time last weekend, and we spring forward with excitement for the summer to come!