Over two weeks ago, Hamas sent tons of rockets and invaded southern Israel to butcher over 1,300 innocent people — including soldiers, young concert-goers, women, toddlers, infants, and elderly people. The torturing, killing, and taking of hostages are beyond belief of what humans do. As this war continues, the world will likely lose its resolve and become less supportive of Israel. Sadly, the people of Israel just want to live a joyful life every day, and Hamas wants to kill Jews.

I know our CYJ Community is doing its part. We are supporting Israel with our donations, our voices, and, of course, our hearts. This is who we are – Judaeans! We are not fair-weather fans of Israel because Israel, to us, is family. This love increases through education. We hire Israelis each summer to bring Israel to our campers and staff. However, they are just part of the education model. Additionally, we have an intentional educational focus in each age group in learning more about Israel. Loving from your heart is easier with the knowledge in the mind.

This has been the most challenging time for our Jewish community in decades. A meaningful and life-affirming Jewish community is what we all need right now. Summer camp and our CYJ Retreats are even more important now. Please join a community that loves and cares about Israel. Our world needs more Judaeans. Come be a Judaean!

CYJ stands with Israel – Am Yisrael Chai.