Zoomed Out!

posted by on Dec 31, 2020

It may have taken a pandemic for everyone to fully understand that a huge benefit of Camp is a break from technology.   Ironically, the behind the scenes of Camp operations have gotten very techy to keep up with the demands of our parents.  This year, parents will get notified every time their child is in a photo through facial recognition.  Is this healthy? Probably not, but we have to adapt to the modern technology.

Funny enough, I am happy to say that from a technology standpoint, the campers have not seen a change in the last 20 years, except now seeing videos on a 30 foot screen instead of a 32” TV.  We still use walkie talkies, do not allow phones for campers or staff (except during off time for staff), and campers still do not have access or a need for computers.  When parents send emails to campers, we print them out for the campers. 

Low tech allows our campers to build relationships based upon being in the present.  Friendships are not built upon screen names or video gaming skills. They are built upon talking and spending time together. Whether your family is zoomed out or not, I can share that at CYJ this summer, your children will be taking a technology vacation.  For that matter, I cannot wait until this summer!

Happy New Year or Chag Sameach,

Frank H. Silberlicht