The Values of Camp: Building A Connection With Nature and the Outdoors

posted by on Mar 10, 2020

With acres of beautiful green space, we are not only unplugging from our devices at camp, we are plugging into a gorgeous facility at CYJ! How many of us can walk outside our houses and see the stars at night? Your campers will rediscover (or discover) the beauty of nature in our peaceful home in the Texas Hill Country. Keep reading for the 3 amazing connections to nature and the outdoors your children will receive at summer camp!

1. Develop an Appreciation of Nature

Living in the city or in suburbia, many children don’t get a lot of exposure to nature during the school year. Sending your child to camp gives them the opportunity to get away from the concrete and ipads and into the fresh air, greenery, and wildlife. They will get to experience how beautiful the world is first hand out on the field and under the stars. Hopefully, they will take this appreciation with them for the rest of their lives.

2. Outdoor Skills

Every child should know basic outdoor skills to help them get through life unscathed. At CYJ, we offer programming so they will learn a number of different outdoor skills, such as how to identify poisonous plants and foods growing in the woods. They also may learn how to put up a tent, read a map, cook, and fish!

3. Learning Through Nature

You know the saying – Knowledge is power. During camp, your child will learn a lot about the world we live in. They will learn to identify the different types of trees, weeds, and flowers in the area as well as the insects we see day to day. Knowing these things can come in handy during the school year and give your child a better appreciation for the world we live in!

Camp is a safe place for your child to learn, have fun, and make friends in the great outdoors! Be sure to send them with paper and pencils to keep you updated on all their adventures at camp, and look forward to the stories when they get home.