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Young Campers Programs

It’s just like camp, but mini!

We offer two options for our youngest Campers entering 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.

Mini-Mensch is a 3 day program giving our 1st and 2nd graders a taste of Camp.

Nitzanim is an 11 day program for kids entering 2nd and 3rd grades. The session is designed to be just the right length—not so long that our young campers are away from home for too long, but not so short that they miss out on a full camp experience.

Both programs offer the same growth and adventures of camp—just in a kid-meal serving size!




There is one Mini Mensch option each session. The Campers get to spend 3 days with the rest of Camp, and experience the BEST that Camp has to offer.

There are two Nitzanim options each session, (four per summer). Campers get to be true members of the camp community, joining the rest of camp at evening programs, daily meals, Shabbat events and more. Unlike our other groups’ afternoon activities, the Nitzanim have educational programs about getting to know camp. They learn songs, explore the grounds, and get a feel for what CYJ is all about!

So if you have a child who’s interested in camp but intimidated by its length, or perhaps a child who wants to go to camp like his siblings but you’re not sure he’s ready, why not give Mini Mensch or Nitzanim a try? With all the fun, excitement, and friendship that CYJ has to offer, your camper will get an amazing intro to camp and an unforgettable summer!