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Lapidim – 9th Grade

Introducing Lapidim, our NEW aidah for rising 9th graders! Lapidim in Hebrew means torches, as we hope these campers will light the way for younger campers at CYJ with their leadership.

Firstly, we want to be clear that this is NOT a replacement for Segel. Segel has been shifted to become our aidah for rising 10th graders.


Program Details

Lapidim is a full session camp program that prepares the chanichim for Segel.  It is the start of treating the chanichim as teens and allows for a differentiation in schedule and activities.  It features 3 outings that challenge the chanichim physically and allows them to appreciate the outdoors. Educationally, we are preparing the chanichim with various viewpoints for them to come to their own conclusions.

Outside Trips (locations tentative):

  • Rock climbing (indoor and outdoor)
  • Overnight trip to Enchanted Rock 
  • 3 day trip to Big Bend National Park

In camp extras: 

  • Bunking in the staff house (3-4 campers per room) 
  • 9th & 10th grade “hangout lounge”
  • Lead their own chofesh activities for younger campers
  • Extra free time at night 

Educational Theme- Diverse narratives of Israel

After spending many years at camp and establishing the Jewish and Zionist identity of the campers, we want to be able to show the campers different points of view about Israel.

There are many different sides of Israel and we want our campers to have the opportunity to learn about it as part of their CYJ experience. Understanding these diverse narratives during their teen years will enable our campers to deal with conflicting narratives as they grow older and deepen their love of Israel.