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To old friends, new friends, and friends I haven’t met yet—

Welcome to Camp Young Judaea-Texas! I’m the Camp Director, Frank Silberlicht, and I’m so glad you stopped by.



Seeing you here, I’m guessing I know something about you already: you have an idea of what an incredible experience Jewish camp can be. Well I can tell you, as a director since 1998 and a camp parent myself, there’s no experience more enriching, fun, and valuable for your kids than a summer at CYJ! (Okay, I’m a little biased, but it’s still true!)

Since 1952, CYJ has provided life-changing summers to thousands of children! We offer a fun, supportive environment where campers can explore, challenge themselves, and develop their passions. Here, kids of all abilities, backgrounds and denominations can strengthen their Jewish and Zionist identities, all while surrounded by beautiful facilities and expert staff. CYJ is a place where kids can be kids, where lifelong friendships are born, where campers can be themselves and know they belong.


So come on in, take a look around—we’ve got tons to show you:



See you soon!

Frank Silberlicht
Camp Young Judaea-Texas