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Staff Advisory Board

Our Staff Advisory Board is comprised of dedicated and passionate CYJ summer staff members. The board works with the full time CYJ staff to plan for the upcoming summer and help further the CYJ mission.

The board gains experience learning about the behind the scenes of camp, the year-round process to prepare for the summer, and helps to create change and improve to make each summer better than the next.

To learn more about being on the board contact Lauren Laderman, [email protected]

Meet Our 2020-2021 Staff Board Members

Jenn Greenspan

Years at camp: 3 summers on staff

Current School: Student at College of Charleston

“CYJ has led me to new opportunities and friendships that I am so grateful to have. Everyday at camp, I learn something new and it is such a unique experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”




Carly Hacker

Years at camp: 3 summers on staff

Current School: Junior at Washington University in St. Louis

” To me, CYJ is truly a home away from home. CYJ is the place where I have been able to grow personally, professionally, and socially, all while making some of my best friends!”


Jen Leventhal

Years at camp: 3 summers as a Camp Mom, 5 summer overall

Current Job: CYJ Camper Care & stay at home mom to two kids

“CYJ means a connection to Zionism and my youth. I love making camp friends with other staff and campers every year.”

Barak Levy

Years at camp: Three years on staff plus several as a camper and CIT

Current School: Junior at the University of Georgia

“CYJ is my favorite place on earth. Going to CYJ is what I look forward to everyday and being there brings out the best in me”



Susan Laves Mandel

Years at camp: Works as the CYJ Nurse since 2015

Current Job: NICU Nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital

“CYJ to me is about securing a Jewish future for generations to come. It’s such a privilege to watch campers and counselors create such positive and lasting relationships with each other, Israel, Judaism and camp itself. When not working in the clinic at camp, I can be found in one of my very favorite places in the world: sitting in a rocking chair on the back porch of the health center. ”

Benji Ross

Years at Camp: 1 summer as a staff member, 7 years as a camper
Current School: Texas State University
“During my seven summers as a camper at CYJ is when I grew the most as a Jew and as a person. Working here is critical to me because it allows me to provide this opportunity to others in a way that you can’t find anywhere else.”
Hannah Via

Years at Camp: 2 summers on staff

Current School: Major at American Public University System

“CYJ is a safe space for me to grow as a Jew and as a person. It’s a place that challenges you to pus harder, be bolder, and try new things.”