(Sort of) Spooky Campfire Stories

posted by on Oct 28, 2019

For most people, Halloween is the only season for scary stories that send a shiver down your spine. Luckily, veteran campers know that it’s always a good time for scary stories when you’re sitting around a campfire. Without further ado, CYJ presents a couple of (Sort of) Spooky Campfire Stories to enjoy all year long! 



The Scarecrow

“I grew up on a small farm, far out in the country. Every year, my dad put out the same old, tattered scarecrows in our fields to keep the crows out. One October us kids got together and decided to make a new scarecrow. We wanted to make a creepy, scary scarecrow. It took us all day, but when we finished up, we had the most frightening scarecrow in the world!

We planted the scarecrow out in the cornfield, where I could see it from my bedroom window. Not giving it any more thought, we went in and ate supper. Soon, the wind picked up and it began to rain. No storm was forecasted but it looked like we were in for a rough night.

Lightning flashed as I went up to bed. I was worried about my new scarecrow so I peeked out my window to check on him. He was in the cornfield alright, but not where we’d left him. He’d moved several feet to the right. I stood at the window and watched intently. The lightning was bright and every time it flashed, the scarecrow had moved again.

The rain began pounding down and a loud CRACK of thunder shook the whole house. I couldn’t see the cornfield anymore through the rain, so I slipped on my shoes and snuck outside to figure out what was going on. 

The rain was icy cold and the ground was so slippery outside that I slipped and fell face down in a patch of mud. When I looked up, there was my scarecrow glaring down at me. His eyes were huge and glowing red. I ran screaming to the house and never looked back.

I laid awake all night listening for any hint that the scarecrow was trying to get inside. The next morning, the storm was gone and so was the scarecrow. My father told me that he probably blew away and would be discovered in a field during harvest. I knew better. Somehow, some way, that scarecrow had come alive.

Years have passed and to this day, I have never seen my scarecrow again. What happened that stormy night? Where did he go? And most importantly, is he still out there?”

The Headless Horseman

The Legend of the Headless Horseman begins in a little town called Sleepy Hollow. In life, the Horseman was a soldier who lost his head when it was hit with a cannonball during a terrible battle in the Revolutionary War. His head was never found, but his body was buried in Sleepy Hollow. 

After that, people always claimed they saw a headless ghost appear at night to frighten travelers who dared to walk the roads after dark. 

One night a man was visiting the graveyard in Sleepy Hollow at night when he caught sight of the Headless ghost just down the row of tombstones. He sprinted out of the cemetery as fast as he could, but the Headless Spirit mounted his ghost horse and galloped after him. 

Not knowing what else to do, the man jumped into a ditch and hid, trying not to breathe too loudly and not daring to peek up to see if his trick had worked. He stayed there for over an hour in the freezing fall air until he finally felt brave enough to hurry home to his wife. 

By the next day, the story had spread all over town. Some people thought the Headless Horseman was searching for his long-lost head. Others thought that he didn’t know the war was over, and he was still fighting the brutal battle that had taken his life. The one thing they all agree on is that the Headless Horseman still roams lonely country roads on dark nights and he will chase after anyone he sees.