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Fast Facts and Next Steps

We’re the kind of people who wish haikus came with cliff notes. If you’re like us, you’ll probably want to check out our Fast Facts below. They cover all the most basic info you need to know about our year-round retreats.

If you like what you’ve seen, here are some next steps you can take:



Fast Facts: Retreats at a Glance

Man CampGentlemen looking to man-outOctober 16-18, 2020
Family CampWhole families who want to enjoy camp togetherNov. 6-8, 2020
Camp the Night Away Taste of camp for the whole family!Jan. 17-18, 2020
Spring Camp1st-6th Grade campersFeb. 28- Mar. 1, 2020
Passover CampFamily getaway during the Passover holidayApril 17-19, 2020

*If the dates listed are for a retreat that’s already passed, you can always call us (link to contact us) for an estimate of when the event will be offered next. The retreats also land around the same time every year, so you can guess the event’s upcoming dates with reasonable accuracy.


Fast Facts: Sleeping Arrangements and Prices

WhatWhere (do we sleep)How Much*
Camp the Night AwayPrivate CabinsDay: $18
Overnight: $36
Spring CampCommunity cabins with counselorsRegular: $175
Passover CampPrivate/shared cabins, OR
private lodge-style housing
At Camp: $125-$350, (by age)
Off Camp: $75-$150, (by age)
(2 and under camp free)
Man CampCommunity cabins, OR
Private lodge style housing
Regular: $175+ contributions
Family CampPrivate/shared cabins, OR
private lodge style housing
Regular: $50-$200
(by age)
(2 and under camp free)

*Don’t forget —there are always discounts for participants who share cabins!