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Host a Meet and Greet

One of our favorite ways to meet CYJ newcomers is by setting up a ‘Meet and Greet’. Our top administrative staff comes out to these events and speaks to community members about our programs. Though we already schedule visits to the major Texan cities, we’re happy to schedule more for alternative times and locations.

But before we can have these events, we need a place to host them! CYJ families have always helped us with this, opening their homes for kids and community members to come learn more about Camp. We like that prospective parents get to be comfortable, enjoying couches and armchairs as they ask questions and get to know us. We’ll also provide pizza and entertainment, including our portable gaga court for children (and grown-ups!) to enjoy.

So if you know kids who haven’t heard about CYJ, parents or synagogue boards looking for summer options, or even if you just really love hosting in your home—let us know! Give us a call at 713-723-8354 or email us at [email protected].

We can’t wait to see you!