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Donate a Brick


With our Brick Campaign, you can help build our camp… literally!

For a $360 donation, you can add an inscribed brick to the Gottesman Tayelet (Promenade). These bricks are permanent parts of the CYJ landscape, while the donations will go into an endowment for the continued maintenance and improvement of the campgrounds.

Inscribing one of these bricks is a unique opportunity to forever memorialize something meaningful to you. Bricks can be used to recognize a camper or alumni, or they can mark a special life event like a bat mitzvah or a wedding. The bricks also make unique memorial tributes, lining our path with the names of those in whose footsteps we would hope to follow.

Our Brick Campaign sets an important message into the very earth we walk on—that a camp is not actually built from bricks and wood at all. A camp’s true essence is created with special moments and extraordinary people.