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Capital Campaign



The 2020 Strategic Plan is key to the expansion and enhancement of our facilities.  We rely on the pledges and donations of our supporters for Camp to reach its potential.

While this campaign does fund the construction of new buildings, like our Experiential Learning Center, it’s also important for our less visible investments. Our camp communication system, our environmental upgrades, and the renovation of our dining hall roof could all potentially be sponsored.

Our Board has a no debt policy, meaning that Capital Projects are started after we have cash or pledges to cover the building costs. This helps us ensure that Camp stays fiscally responsible. Below are current projects in the pipeline:

Retreat Village

The new Retreat Village will include four modern buildings and provide Camp with 24 new rooms. During the summer, the Retreat Village enables CYJ to expand its housing sufficiently so that we can grow our teen program. Year-round, the new facility becomes a tremendous asset to our Retreat Center as it gives us flexibility in hosting multiple groups. Sleek landscaping, shade structures, picnic tables, and a fire pit site will provide a natural place to congregate and build community.

Retreat Village Naming Opportunities:

Retreat Village Generously Donated $1,000,000 Porches (7) (5 Left) $10,000
Courtyard $180,000 Tensile Shade Structure (3) $20,000
Buildings (4) (3 Left) $100,000 Fire Pit and Picnic Area Generously Donated $18,000
Large Cistern $36,000 Picnic Tables (6) $3,600
Laundry Room $36,000 Rocking Chairs (24) (16 Left) $1,800
Individual Rooms (24) (12 left) $25,000 Mezzuzah (24) Generously Donated $1,800

Camper Sports Center

The new 12,000 square foot Camper Sports Center will enable CYJ to significantly increase and diversify its current athletic program. This covered space will include dedicated areas for basketball, soccer, volleyball, and floor hockey. Playing sports at a young age is not only beneficial for physical health, but can positively affect aspects of personal development among young people, such as self-esteem, goal-setting, and leadership. The Sports Center will further our vision of providing a high-quality sports program in the summer for our campers and enhance our facilities for the year-round Retreat Center.

Camper Sports Center Naming Opportunities:

Sports Center $300,000 Generously Donated Sports Equipment $15,000
Basketball Court $100,000 Bleachers $10,000
Soccer Field $100,000 Generously Donated Hoops $10,000
Lighting $25,000 Generously Donated Soccer Goals $5,000 Generously Donated
Fans $25,000 Climbing Boulders $5,000
Scoreboard (2) $20,000 (1 left) Benches $5,000
Sports Storage Room $20,000 Water Fountain $3,000
Misting Station $15,000

Contact Frank Silberlicht, Camp Director, with any questions.
Office: 713.723.8354 Email: [email protected]