Fresh from Frank: Things Change…Or Do They?

posted by on Jan 6, 2023

I remember as a kid watching cable TV using a wired remote that had a knob to select between A, B, or C channels, and then you pressed down on Channels 1 -12. This gave you 36 whole channels of programs. We watched on a TV the size of a dishwasher with a screen, probably about 12”.  Fast forward, and we now have TVs hung on walls around 70”. The funny thing is that today many people are watching on iPads that are 11”.  Things did change but did they?   

Over the years, I have seen many changes at CYJ, but the fundamentals have stayed the same. No phones or electronics, young adults as madrichim leading our kids, love of Israel, Jewish pride, and community-building.  What if we could only choose 3 of these elements? What about just one? I suggest that community is it. CYJ offers adult, kids, and family retreats, summer camps, teen events, and community gatherings. It’s not just CYJ. It’s a community.