Fresh from Frank: Ready for Summer!

posted by on Apr 27, 2022

What do you do the rest of the year? That may be the most common question I get asked. The truth is we are pretty busy. To plan and prepare for summer takes a team effort all year long. We are interviewing and hiring over 125 staff members, enrolling almost 700 campers, building new programs and activities. That’s just Camp!  We also engage year-round with our own CYJ Retreats like Man Camp, Family Camp, and Passover Camp.   The Retreat Center stays busy and will host in a typical year almost 5,000 participants. I am happy to share that since the end of March we are busy non-stop with retreats until June 3. How do we do all this? A top-notch team. We have 15 full time staff members and a handful of part-time help. The average tenure of our full-time team is 7 years. I am extremely proud of our staff. That makes a difference.  

Now that I have been promoted to Executive Director, I hear the question of “Will you be at camp? What will you do?” My first comment, in a Frank way, is it only took me 23 years to get promoted. This promotion is a way to keep me involved, allow me to focus on different areas, and find ways to bring CYJ to more people in the community. I can do that when I am not worried about day to day details. The new Camp Director, Mac Lindner comes from Camp Tel Yehudah just like I did. He has had extensive onboarding experience and has also hit the ground running as we are preparing for the summer. I hope you will get to meet Mac over the next few months.

In regards to the summer, no vacations or sitting in a Houston office. My plans are to be at camp all summer as in the past summers. This gives me time to mentor, evaluate camp and its programs, and help to ensure this summer is the best one yet!