Fresh from Frank: New Camp Experiences on the Horizon

posted by on Dec 1, 2022

From years of talking to camp families, we know a successful summer for a camper is based upon two driving forces: first, the relationship of the camper with other campers, and second the relationship with their madrichim (counselors). Those two simple yet very important things trump food, programs, and even facilities.

However, I also know that Disney World, as busy and crowded as they are, opens up new rides and attractions all the time. People just want something new each year. CYJ is no different (maybe less crowded, and instead of a mouse, we have a lion). That is why we have taken two immediate steps. In our budget, we allocated almost $100,000 this year to add new programs to camp. In that vein, Danny Ross, our Retreat Center Director, and I recently went to Orlando for the IAAPA Trade Show for the attractions industry. Think of it as amusement parks meets water parks meets resort hotels. We walked the floor for 8 hours and probably clocked 5 miles on the Fitbit. Danny and I left excited about several possibilities. Most ideas were big capital projects, not for this summer but for our Master Plan. We are always excited and enthused to have something new each summer.  We started last summer with the new swings and free-climbing boulders near the Camper Sports Center. This summer, you will have to wait and see!