Fresh from Frank: Camp’s Impact on Staff

posted by on Oct 7, 2022

We often think about Camp and how GREAT it is for the campers. What about the staff? I could argue that our staff are at the age where the values of CYJ can be soaked up and may significantly impact their life.  Funny, could the biggest impact of Camp be on the staff? Put aside the 15-20 CYJ weddings that resulted from camp in my tenure. We are talking about changes in young adults that see themselves as part of a community and can put others’ needs before theirs. These are young adults that care more about mission than moolah. More about the process than the outcome. More about making the world better than their needs.   

We recently received a letter from the mom of a first-year madricha (counselor), and it reminded me of the good we do for staff. She said, “Thank you for contributing in a meaningful fashion to my daughter’s life and Jewish education.” I am proud of her and so many others that see themselves not just as madrichim, but as changemakers for the future of the Jewish people.