Exciting Additions from Summer 2022

posted by on Aug 31, 2022

Here are just a few of the new additions to our facilities and programming from Summer 2022!

Climbing Boulders

Two climbing boulders were installed next to our Sports Center complex. These are belay-free, easy-to-climb structures that our campers loved getting to the top of (and then jumping off).

Finished Outdoor Kitchen

Our completed outdoor kitchen allowed us to have more outdoor meals.

Themed Meals


We added three themed meals into our session calendar this year: Hawaiian, 80s, and Superhero nights! The campers brought costumes for each one and enjoyed a themed meal with special decorations and music.

New Sports


This summer we were excited to (re)introduce volleyball back into our regular sports activities. We also offered Lacrosse, Shuffleboard, and (if you count it as a sport) Juggling! On any given day you would see dozens of campers and staff juggling around camp.

Sunday Funday

On the last Sunday of the session, we threw out the regular schedule and did a Sunday Funday! We brought in inflatables, games, water slides, snow cones, and more to give our campers a thrilling last full day of camp.