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After Camp

The worst part of camp is the fact that it ends!

But since we all have to face the music sometime, we’ve prepared this guide for returning to the rest of the world.

Oh no…What do we do until next year?


Oh! Um…we don’t know. We’re mostly a summer camp here… we don’t really have advice for those other seasons, so, y’know…good luck…

…Fine, who are we kidding! We’ve got tons of ways for you to stay connected to CYJ all year long!

  • Now that the session’s ended, post your favorite camp pictures on Instagram, tweet all about how you miss CYJ, and tell everyone on Facebook about your awesome summer in Wimberley. Don’t forget to tag us so we can feel the love! We may even re-post some of your best contributions on our official accounts, (with our sources credited, of course!)
  • Join us on our awesome year-round CYJ retreats! We’ve got programs for kids, adults , and entire families scheduled throughout the year. On top of getting a great vacation, campers can meet up with camp friends (and make new ones) on the grounds they love!
  • Spread the word about CYJ-Texas! If you know a kid who would love what Camp has to offer, tell us about them! Or, take it to the next level by hosting a Meet and Greet for a whole community!
  • Invite all your friends to some CYJ get-togethers, like sleepovers or sports events!
  • Using a bullhorn, announce how many days left until the coming summer season from your rooftop every day at sunrise!
  • Wear your camp shirt to formal family events, but never wash it—you don’t want to lose that authentic CYJ smell.
  • Give us some feedback! We’re always looking for ways to improve, so if you have any comments or critiques. be sure to share your thoughts!