CIT Year in Review

posted by on Sep 5, 2023

This summer, our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program was better than ever before! For the first time ever, CITs had their own housing allowing CITs to become one of the closest groups at camp. CITs also built strong connections with their campers as they capitalized on the time that they had with their campers each day.

Our CIT program is offered to incoming 12th graders and gives high schoolers the chance to learn how to be successful counselors through a combination of in-bunk experiences and lessons taught by our dedicated CIT staff. This summer, we had the largest group CIT group we have ever had; we had 41 CITs! Unlike other summers, the majority of our cabins had a CIT, if not two, so ask your campers about their CITs this past summer 🙂! The majority of our CITs were previous campers themselves, which allowed them to really connect with current campers and provide that CYJ energy in the bunk!

Something new to the CIT program was our Hitmachuts (electives). CITs got to choose from learning about Israel current events, volunteering in the Woodcreek community, and participating in a college prep course with a renowned College prep tutor. These weekly electives allowed our CITs to dive deeper into topics they had an interest in and to gain skills that they will carry with them outside of camp. 

One of the highlights of the program for our CITs was the weekly trips CITs took out of camp. This summer CITs went tubing in the San Marcos River, toured the University of Texas Hillel, volunteered at J Camp Austin, and went to a zipline park. These trips gave our CITs additional time to bond with one another and were a key factor in our CITs becoming so close to one another.

CITs also had a large impact on our all-camp events. They led both traditional and alternative Shabbat services, were some of the most enthusiastic team members in Maccabiah, and planned every part of our end-of-year banquet. CITs put on and planned everything for the banquet, from choosing the theme, picking out the decorations, and performing the in-meal entertainment. This year’s banquet themes were Mamma Mia and Hollywood, and both are sure to be remembered by campers for years to come. Our CITs helped make camp feel like home for our campers while also having a life-changing summer themselves. Applications for CIT Summer 2024 are now open to incoming 12th graders! For any questions, email Barak at [email protected].