How to Use What you Learned at Camp All Year Long!

posted by on Aug 5, 2019

Camp may be over, but you can still take what you learned at camp with you far into the new school year. The heart of CYJ is in what we taught you while you were with us, so if you remember those lessons then you’ll be in a summer camp state of mind all year long. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1) Be Fearless

Not everything in life is as scary as the first time you step off of the zip-line platform and plunge down before the zip-line catches you and whisks you away, but that doesn’t mean that regular life isn’t full of scary things. Big tests, new schools, and new responsibilities can feel really overwhelming sometimes. If you remember how great it felt when you got to the bottom of the zip-line and looked back to see how far you’d come, you’ll be able to conquer anything that the new school year throws your way!

Step 2) Connect with Nature

You don’t have to be in Wimberley to enjoy all of the beautiful things in nature. As long as you’re getting outside and breathing in the fresh air, you’ll be taking in that camp spirit. Go for a walk or ride your bike through your neighborhood, and keep an eye out for fireflies and frogs. Nature is all around you, you just have to take a moment to appreciate it.

Step 3) Stay Crafty

Whether you’re painting, shaping ceramics, gardening, or cooking from scratch, making things by hand feels good and is good for you! Buying something pre-made might be quick and easy, but you learned at camp that there is more value and satisfaction in making something by hand. That doesn’t have to stop just because camp is over! Keep crafting and show us how much you’ve improved next summer!

Step 4) Remember these Four Core Jewish Principles:

Unity: All Jews are part of one family.

Education: We only gain by learning more—about each other, about the world, and about our people.

Righteousness: We should all continue growing as ethical and moral people, in whatever way we define that.

Service and Leadership: Every single person who comes through CYJ has the power to make a real difference in the world.

There’s nowhere on earth quite like Camp Young Judaea, but if you follow these steps then you’ll never truly be far from camp. We hope everyone has a wonderful school year! Stay in touch, and remember to keep an eye out for Family Camp this November. 

– CYJ-Texas