Everyone Belongs

posted by on Apr 3, 2017

At CYJ, everyone belongs. By showing each and every camper love, acceptance, and respect — and asking for it in return — they feel important, accepted and most importantly, capable of doing great things.

Let me show you what I mean …

Sam is a young boy who gets angry, and argues, with his parents and his teachers sometimes. Knowing this challenge, we welcomed Sam to CYJ with open arms, and helped him understand and embody our philosophy; that we accept, and respect everyone at camp.

Sam thrived at CYJ because he was treated with respect, acceptance, and encouraged to follow his passions. He shared his love for catching and showing off bugs, and fishing with his friends. Actually, he knew more about fishing than anyone at camp, so he would teach the other campers, which made him feel really good. In his bunk he would talk with his counselors if there was ever a problem, and when he got upset (which was rare), they would talk through it together.

We’re proud of this example of what happens when all campers are welcomed into our CYJ family, through a mutual understanding of acceptance and respect. Each child deeply embodies how we feel about them; that they are important, that they belong, and that they can handle whatever comes their way with confidence.

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