End of Summer Bucket List: fun things to do on the long Labor Day weekend

posted by on Aug 28, 2019

End of Summer Bucket List: fun things to do on the long Labor Day weekend

There’s still a little time until the first day of fall (and even more time until the weather cools off in Texas), but Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer for most families. Summer is our favorite time of year at CYJ, so we made a bucket list of the best summertime activities your family needs to do before it’s too late! Take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend and have some fun! 

Have a picnic!

Head to your local park, or just head to your own backyard, lay out a big soft blanket and enjoy sandwiches and watermelon in the shade. Invite friends or just enjoy quality family time. Breathe in that fresh summer air and let your children run wild. Picnics are a quick, easy way to turn a regular meal into a fun summer memory. 

Go to the drive-in!

Texas is home to drive-in movie theaters all over the state, and chances are there’s one near you. These theaters typically show family-friendly films, offer double features (two movies for the price of one!) and many have a playground for kids who need to get some extra energy out. Kick back in your car, eat some popcorn, and make some summer memories under the stars. 

Make popsicles!

Fit this one into your weekend wherever you can, but don’t skip it! Whether you have popsicle molds or ice trays with toothpicks, let your children pick out their favorite juice or smoothie and freeze up some homemade popsicles. Enjoy al fresco and race to finish your popsicle before the Texas heat melts it away. Making these yummy little treats can be a fun, screen-free activity for the whole family. 

Find some water!

You’ve got to get one last use out of those swimming suits before your children outgrow them! If you can’t make it to the beach or canoeing in a river or lake, turn on the water hose in the backyard and have a water balloon fight or a race through the sprinklers. Nothing says “summer” like playing around in the water, and this long weekend is the perfect opportunity to get in one last splash!

Make a Sidewalk Art Show!

Cover your driveway and sidewalk with sidewalk chalk! Take pictures of your masterpieces and print them out, then hang them up in a “Gallery” around your house. You can also upload them to social media to share with family and friends near and far (and to share with CYJ, of course)! While you have the camera out, make sure to take a few pictures of each other creating your works of art. This time next year, your children will be older and taller so be sure to capture this Labor Day weekend while you have it!

It’s great to have another summer in the books, and rest assured that CYJ is already preparing for next summer! Let’s take a moment here at the end of our favorite season to spend just one last day in the sun together with our families. And remember to let us know on social media how you plan to make the most of these last days of summer!