Best Ever

posted by on May 19, 2021

Best Ever

It has been too long.  I missed camp last summer and know that so many of you missed camp as well.  The good news is we are ready for the summer!  Covid plans and protocols are in place and will be updated as circumstances change. 

More importantly, Camp is Back!  Everything campers and staff love about CYJ will be back. Maybe even doubled.   Imagine, double the ruach, double the coffee cake, and, of course, double the fun and friends. I think the Beetles wrote a song like this. 

I am also happy to share that we have also grown our enrollment to a record 630 campers for this summer, so far.  We still have a few spots left and sadly, many kids on waiting lists.  

What will not be at Camp?  We are all zoomed out and so no Zoom or for that matter any electronics for our campers. They have had enough. We all have had enough. I look forward to a more normal world but until then, how about a CYJ summer that will be the best ever! 


Thank you for your confidence, support, and allowing me to have the GREATEST job in the world.

Your Camp Director

Frank Silberlicht