Alumni Spotlight: Evan Katzman

posted by on Mar 16, 2021

Evan Katzman is a CYJ and soon to be Year Course alum. He has been a dedicated member of the YJ family since 2014 and will return to camp Summer 2021 as a counselor. Evan is currently on Young Judaea Year Course, enjoying an incredible 9 months in Israel. He will return to CYJ as a counselor in Summer 2021 and is excited to share his experiences and stories and continue on his YJ journey. Read his story below:


Last semester, I lived in Tel Aviv and worked as a volunteer at an NGO called “Chimes” four times a week. The organization specialized in caring for children with autism and other mental disabilities. I also attended Ulpon (Hebrew class) three times a week. Every week we took  tours in Tel Aviv exploring the various art scenes and beautiful historical sites the city had to offer. From the lively parks and pristine beaches the city had to offer, there was never a dull moment despite living amidst a global pandemic.

During this second semester, I am beginning classes in Jerusalem at Kiryat Moriah. At Kiryat Moriah, I am attending classes, such as: Ulpon, Israel and the Middle East, Zionism and more. In addition, we partake in weekly outings to various historical sites in and around Jerusalem. For example, last week we went to a park on the outskirts of the city and learned about the natural history of the area. Living in Jerusalem, I am exposed to a vastly different culture than Tel Aviv as its religious significance rings throughout the city.