Alumni Spotlight- Aaron Seriff-Cullick

posted by on May 19, 2021

Hey y’all! My name is Aaron, and I have been a CYJ kid since Nitzanim 1999. These days, I own and operate a little bakery in East Austin called Paper Route Bakery! We make cakes, scones, cookies, homemade pop tarts, and knishes. We’re open 7 days a week, and each day we feature a different flavor of cake, available by the slice. As a matter of fact, our Coffee Fix cake features a cinnamon coffee cake inspired by CYJ’s Saturday morning phenomenon.

I started the bakery back in 2016 by delivering baked goods around town from my apartment kitchen (hence the name – Paper Route Bakery). After a couple years building up a customer base, I launched a Kickstarter, and with the help of my friends and family (my CYJ peeps especially!), I was able to raise enough money to open a brick and mortar.
Opening this bakery has been a wild and challenging adventure. I have had the unique pleasure/burden of bringing a childhood dream to life, and I have found that the process required that limitless enthusiasm unique to childhood. In hindsight, I am so grateful to CYJ for inspiring, grounding, and sculpting that enthusiasm within me. On multiple occasions, I have found myself alone in the bakery in the dead of night, exhausted, stirring cookie dough and singing to myself, ‘I’ve got Ruach, yes I do, I’ve got Ruach, how bout you?!’