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There you are! We were about to start reminiscing without you.

But now that you’re here, refresh our memories… Tell us about all those afternoons by the lake, the Maccabiahs you can’t forget, about the songs whose lyrics you still know. Tell us about pranks you pulled and messes you made, about cookouts and campfires and cabin games with no purpose at all. Tell us about first loves and best friends… Tell us about CYJ…

Welcome back, friends and family! Long time no see!




If you’re reading this page, we’ve got great news for you! You’re a part of an incredible community, a family of tens of thousands of Jews who’ve experienced the magic of summers at CYJ-Texas. You’re forever bonded to people like you—lovers of Israel, passionate Jews, adventurers, givers, and the best type of friends!

So enjoy our Alumni Portal and reconnect with the Camp you love and the friends you cherish. Keep up with all the CYJ news by signing up for our newsletter, and make sure to attend all our big alumni events and reunions.


Can’t make it to the reunions listed? Why not round up some old friends and make your own reunion at one of CYJ’s awesome year-round retreats? And while you and your pals are chatting, you could always brainstorm ways to make camp more awesome by getting involved. (After all, it’s only through your generosity that Camp’s been able to continue growing!

Welcome home, and don’t be a stranger!

Frank Silberlicht
Camp Young Judaea-Texas