3 Must-Haves for your High Holiday Survival Kit

posted by on Sep 25, 2019

3 Must-Haves for your High Holiday Survival Kit

The High Holy Days are a great chance to reconnect with family and Jewish cultural traditions, a return to our roots and a spiritual fresh start. But sitting in the synagogue for hours can take a toll on any child’s limited attention span, especially if there isn’t a dedicated children’s service. Here are three must-haves for any High Holiday survival kit that will help your family keep their cool and stay focused on what really matters. 

Let your children pick their own snacks

We’re not saying that you should let it rain junk food, you still have ultimate discretion as the parent! However, letting your children choose their own snacks will ensure that they’re eager to eat them with no pushback when they get hungry, and without asking you if you’ve brought anything else and then melting down when they realize they’re stuck with the wrong kind of pretzel. Giving your children a vote in what snacks they eat during services is an essential part of the survival kit that will make the whole holiday easier! 

Let your children pick out a few books

The public library has a robust children’s section full of new and classic stories, Barnes and Noble has the hottest, newest titles from the most popular children’s authors, and Amazon will deliver some of each right to your door. However you get them, giving your child a few good books is a sure-fire way to make the time fly. If you have a strong reader, storybooks are the way to go. We even made a summer reading list this year if you’re looking for some ideas for where to start! And if your child struggles with reading, activity books like iSpy, Where’s Waldo, or any kind of puzzle book will keep them engaged and entertained for hours. Just make sure you bring a variety so that they can switch gears when they need to! 

Learn some new card games

Bring an old deck of cards or let your child pick out a brand new one at the store. Branch out beyond Go Fish! The internet is full of card games for children, and you can bring a list of games and rules and have hours of fun trying your hand at “Crazy 8’s”, “War”, and so much more. No High Holiday survival kit is complete without a good old fashioned deck of cards. 

We hope these essential items help your High Holidays go smoothly. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know what’s in your High Holiday survival kit!